Tru-Pac Products Limited Since 1967
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Manufacturers, Converters, Printers & Distributors of all kinds of Labels, Decals, Tags, Tapes, Foams, Films & Magnet

Thank you for your interest in Tru-Pac.

We are committed to service excellence. Our "Yes We Can" attitude provides results for our clients.
Tru-Pac has been serving the labelling and packaging industry since 1967. We are manufacturers,
converters, printers and distributors of all kinds of labels, decals, tags, tapes, foams, films & magnet. We also provide consulting and services in co-packaging and warehousing.

In today's business world you need a competitive edge.

For over 40 years Tru-Pac has been committed to being one of the premiere companies
in the converting industry. We work with our customers and suppliers to achieve cost
efficiency, top quality and a high level of service. From concept to completion we
understand communication is key and thatís why we take a personal one-on-one
approach. Our wide range of modern production equipment gives you the confidence
of knowing your order will be produced in a timely manner at a competitive price.

Let us provide a Tru-Pac solution for you!

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